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Commercial Insurance, Business Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance in Oneonta, NY

At the Robert Mable Insurance, we know the stresses of running a business, especially a small business. Cash flow, bottom line, payroll, expenses – we understand the different balancing act every business has. You probably are looking for ways to save on your commercial insurance or business insurance. What we can tell you is that you don’t need to spend time in front of your computer going through business insurance carrier after carrier. That’s what the Mable Insurance Agency is for – finding you the right insurance at competitive rates. Our relationships with many national and community business insurance carriers allow us to find the right insurance policies for our Oneonta business insurance customers.

Commercial Insurance in Oneonta, NY

Commercial Insurance in Oneonta, NY

Let our 45 years of experience go to work for you in finding the right business insurance for your Oneonta business. You don’t need to be carrying policies for items or coverage you don’t need. On the other hand, you definitely need to make sure you are protected with the right commercial insurance policy. The hard work and sacrifice you’ve put into your Oneota business are what has made your business successful. Make sure you are protected for years to come against accidents, liability, theft, and more.

Commercial insurance can also protect against unforeseen pauses in business revenue often considered ‘business interruption’. Business interruption can happen for a number of different reasons including waiting for normal business operations to start again after a theft, fire, or other unforeseen disruption. The Mable Insurance Agency helps all Oneonta commercial companies find the right commercial insurance that will protect against business interruption.

Commercial Auto Insurance in Oneonta, NYCommercial Auto Insurance in Oneonta, NY

Once a vehicle is used for commercial use, it’s time to look into finding the right commercial auto insurance. Many Oneonta businesses these days depend on vehicles for delivery, industrial heavy-duty work, or other business purposes. Commercial auto insurance is written especially for these vehicles, especially those with large replacement costs. Your business not only needs the right commercial auto insurance that will help your business functions continue but also help with any replacement costs if needed.

Commercial Insurance and Business Insurance in Oneonta

Oneonta, NY is located in Otsego County along Interstate 88. Also along Instate 88 are the cities of Albany and Binghamton. In the perfect location between these cities with the populations of 97,000 and 45,000 respectively, Oneota businesses can easily service both cities that are just an hour away. While Otsego County has a population of only around 15,000, most located in Oneonta, the location allows for many business and commercial opportunities in the surrounding area.

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